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A Look at Danny Davis’s Career, in GIFs

Born in Highland, MI, Danny Davis immediately started crushing the snowboard scene with a mix of creativity and control. Starting in 2005, Davis made his presence known, annihilating everything in his path with his standout style. By 2006, he had already secured Rookie of the Year awards from Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarding Magazine. However, his career path hasn’t always been as smooth as his style on a board, as he’s battled several injuries that prevented him from securing spots on the U.S. Olympic roster in 2010.

Healed up and ready to compete, Davis’s health problems are behind him and he can now focus on his passion. Bouncing back quickly, Davis has regained his competitive edge with impressive placings in several important competitions, including landing that illusive Olympic spot, while still pushing a strong X Games finish, which he’s yet to achieve. Still, Davis and his crew Frends aren’t all about where they place, but the spirit of snowboarding, constantly innovating, and more importantly, enjoying the ride. Here is a brief history of Davis’s career in GIFs.

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