Dew Tour Ocean City 2014: Pierre-Luc Gagnon Talks Love For Skating On The East Coast

We got a chance to peek in on the Dew Tour 2014 practice sessions while in Ocean City, Maryland. Run-ins with a few famous faces were expected, but it was definitely a pleasure to catch up with skateboard legend Pierre-Luc Gagnon. See what the homie PLG has to say about riding on the East coast, highlights of Ocean City, and who he’s excited to skate with.

You’re a busy guy, especially being one of the best vert skaters in the world. What makes Dew Tour something worth taking time out to compete in?
I’ve been skating Dew Tour since the first year I think. It used to be five stops, and now we’re down to only one stop for the Vert. I used to like going to all five stops. It’s just cool to come out here in Ocean City on the beach. I think it’s the only contest for us on the East cost right now. I feel like people in the East coast always show love since they don’t get to see skateboarding that much. When you’re in L.A., you got to do a lot to impress the crowd. Out here, they just seem to really appreciate quality skating.

What’s been the highlight for you so far?
I got some crab cakes last night, so that’s been pretty cool. The Boardwalk is always fun. The wind out here can be a little bit challenging, but it’s the same thing for everybody.

Who are you amped to be skating with at Dew Tour?
Obviously Bucky [Lasek] is a hometown hero. Also, I like going with guys I skate with back home, like Jimmy Wilkins, Elliot Sloan, Alex Perelson, Danny Mayer, and Marcelo Bastos. It’s pretty cool because we’re like a really international group. I’m from Canada, Jimmy’s from Ohio, Marcelo’s from Brazil, Elliot’s from New York City, and Buggy’s from Baltimore.

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