Google Trends Tells Us Everything We Needed To Know About the Drake vs Meek Mill Beef


1. Drake is nearly the most popular he’s ever been since Take Care dropped in 2011. His popularity right now is approximately equivalent to his buzz after the Thank Me Later and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late releases combined.

2. Meek’s search popularity hardly stands up to Drake’s, and only spikes dramatically over July and August 2015, in the midst of Drake’s anti-Meek campaign.


3. At first glance, it looks like Meek’s hometown reps harder than Drake’s. On Meek’s chart, Philadelphia has the most interest in their city’s rapper, while Drake is hardly searched by his fellow Torontonians. But Philly’s interest in Meek isn’t necessarily a positive thing—the Eagles recently trolled him by playing Drake’s “Back to Back” during practice, and Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab dissed his hometown associate over an OVO beat. Both stories were major talking points in local and national news outlets. Even in the city of brotherly love, 6 God reigns victorious.

4. The No. 1 breakout search query for Meek Mill is simply “Drake,” meaning that most people who are searching for Meek are also punching Drizzy’s name into the search bar.  Also included in the top queries are “Drake Meek Mill” “Meek Drake” and “Meek Mill Diss.” Meek’s name is nowhere to be found in Drake’s top searches.

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