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Dropping Knowledge: Our Favorite Fictional Teachers

We’re guessing that school is the last thing you want to be thinking about on a day like today. Trust us, we get it, and will not be reminding you of late night studying and cramming for exams. Still, it’s worth noting the respect we all have or should have for the teachers that push us to be better individuals 180 days out of the school year. We all have our favorites, and even the ones we’re praying to never see again, but then you have those special few who were too good to be real. Unfortunately, that’s because they actually weren’t real.

Even though we never got to sit in on one of their lectures in real life, here’s a look at some of our favorite fictional teachers from the world of television and film. A lot of these instructors probably wouldn’t get a perfect score in academics, but they each possess qualities that extend far beyond the classroom. Somebody bring out the apples and “Number One Teacher” pendants.

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