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Essential Accessories Every Snowboarder Should Own

“The essence of a man’s look is in his accessories. - Jalen Rose, 2013.”

Of course, a NBA basketball analyst doesn’t have much to do with snowboarding, but we all love flare. Whether it’s subtle like a fancy shoelace or all up in your face like some diamond-studded sunglasses, accessories can set the mood and provide you with some added comfort or functionality.

Snowboarding brands provide a variety of accessory options, but unlike a limited edition print on the back of a raw denim jacket, we’d vote that it’s more important to accessorize with functional pieces rather than aesthetically pleasing ones. Looking great is always nice, but for a cold winter lifestyle activity, your excess stuff should serve a useful purpose. Here are a few items from some top-notch brands that will make your winter more enjoyable in addition to turning some heads your way.

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