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Respect the VJ: Our Favorite Video Jockeys of All Time

There was a time in the not so distant past when MTV and other music channels were the only places to see the latest music videos, classic artist interviews, and breaking news in the world of our favorite musicians. Video jockeys, commonly known as VJs, made the presentation more interesting by adding wit, style and a sense of reliability to the mix. They were the guys and girls who got the one-on-one exclusives with our favorite celebrities, and over time, it seemed like the dream job. Unfortunately, the birth of YouTube and Internet streaming eliminated the need for on-air personalities with modern day predecessors going completely digital with the gig. Nonetheless, we still have respect for the era of the VJ.

These following video jockeys were some of the funniest, most stylish and all around coolest trendsetters to deliver the latest music videos and industry news we actually cared about. Take a look at the OG tastemakers of music television.

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