Check The Label: Florette Paquerette Brings The French Connection to Female Streetwear

Paris may be the international capital of haute couture, but founder of women's streetwear brand Florette Paquerette says streetwear is a growing trend in the city. “Wearing a big sweater with a skirt, or sweatpants with a pair of heels is no longer taboo,” she says. “And I’m delighted!”

One of the top sellers in the three-year-old online shop is their Femme de Voyou range, which means something like “gangster chick” in French, except that French gangsters are sort of different to the ones we know at home: in France, the badboys are shady-looking guys in polo shirts, skinny jeans, and ’90s.

Their female counterparts are the women Flora caters to.

It’s “a bit of a tribute to girl power,” says Flora, “It’s a team for the rebel girls or just those who like badboys. But of course it’s tongue in cheek… You shouldn’t take it too seriously!”

In Paris, she recommends checking out boutiques Merci, Fleux, Le Grand Comptoir, Colette, Citadium and Le 66, followed by food at Favela Chic, Raphael, or My Place.

As she puts it, “It’s not necessary to be born in Paris to have a style that’s ‘Made in Paris.’”

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