Check The Label: Poyz & Pirlz Paves the Way for Parisian Streetwear

Poyz & Pirlz, operated by Frenchmen Dabaaz and Pol-Eloi, puts out Parisian streetwear that both follows the trends outlined by U.S. brands but with its own French stamp (literally, in some cases).

In 2008, Dabaaz put together a social gathering in Paris, dubbed the POYZ&PIRLZ® Party, in an effort to birth a hip-hop party scene in the City of Light.

Over time, there were more parties, and Pol-Eloi jumped on board. As their event turnouts grew in size, and the partners even recruited rappers like Perrion, Dom Kennedy, Freddie Gibbs, and the Cool Kids to perform, the duo decided to capitalize. P&P began designing printed t-shirts in limited runs.

In 2012, the brand expanded into the French clothing market by taking on hats, jackets, work shirts, and accessories. Today, P&P continues to broaden its horizons by collaborating with Parisian artists like Jean Andre and Yue Wu for garment designs.

Since P&P’s early days, its identity has always been heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. The owners have been avid fans of the genre since the ‘90s, so you can sometimes spot lyrics from recognizable hits in their clothing designs.

Some of their garments take on a more vintage, collegiate aesthetic, with classic-looking letterman jackets and varsity-style letters making their way onto tees and caps.

Their current inventory offers a well-rounded selection of goodies. Everything from oxford button-ups, a coach jacket, baseball wool jerseys, and a collaborative women’s sneaker with No Name makes an appearance on the brand’s online shop.

They’re currently working on a new line that’s set to drop at the end of the month. As always, the collection will be limited edition.


Images: Poyz & Pirlz

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