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Garrett Hilliker’s Album Covers for Skizzy Mars and Travis Scott: Digging Through the Greats

Each week, Green Label invites a visionary photographer, filmmaker, designer or artist to dig through their folios and tell the story of their favorite works. This is: Garrett Hilliker.

By definition, I guess I’m technically a graphic designer. As far as how I mentally grasp things, I try to keep it open. I’ve been doing some more hands-on stuff and video stuff, so it’s hard to put myself in a category. I don’t like to trap myself under the title of graphic designer because tomorrow I could be, like, making furniture or something.

My high school design teacher hit me up the other day, and she was super stoked because she told me, “You were never an artist, you just happened to make the world a little cooler every time you put something out.” I love that.

It’s cool to mesh mediums. If you can make something look the way it sounds, and form colors and certain properties to match a whole other spectrum, it’s always an interesting challenge. A lot of people who make album art don’t take it as seriously as they should; you need to develop yourself and make yourself into something genuine before you make something just because you have a computer.

Absorb everything. Absorb the really messed up days you have, the weird emotions you get, the strange feelings you have for girls, everything. If you’re feeling something weird, take it to a computer. Absorb that weird state of mind and use it. Especially when you’re this age. From 15 to 22, it’s this weird onslaught of emotions and long nights. Transform that goldmine of emotions into something.

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