“Got a Minute” For “Quickie?” These Two Different Apps Limit Conversations to 60 Seconds or Less

In an age of on-the-go, increasingly faceless communication, there’s an emerging trend in the world of mobile technology that’s pushing to make our exchanges even more minimal.

This month, we’ve seen two mobile media developers present apps aimed toward scaling down interactions, keeping our message conversations as bite-sized as possible.

GAM, short for “Got a Minute?”, is an ideal platform to send and receive ultra-short, time-sensitive content. It’s like any regular messaging tool, except the conversation is timed, giving you and your contact only a minute to talk, making it ideal for urgent requests or quick questions.

Here’s how it works: Once you send out a message, the recipient can accept or decline the invitation to start a chat. If they agree, you’ll have a minute or less to take care of business; if they don’t respond, the notification is deleted from their phone.

GAM provides a no-nonsense platform that prioritizes urgent messages from less important ones. If you’re at work at you get a GAM, you know you won’t be going back and forth between your phone and your work, since your distraction will only last a minute or less.

Another app aiding in short and sweet conversation is Quickie, a face-to-face communication tool that times your video calls. Think of it as a Snapchat/FaceTime hybrid.

Quickie is perfect for when you need a quick opinion, want a question answered, to confirm a plan, or just to say a brief “hello.” The app comes with four pre-set call times: 5, 10, 20, and 60 seconds, which you put in place ahead of time.

The layout is streamlined and simple. Simply select the friend you’d like to chat with, they’ll receive a notification with your Quickie request, and if they accept, your timed video call will begin.

The best feature that comes with both of these conversation-shortening apps? You’re forced to wrap up the chat within seconds, so no more awkward outros. Yes.

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