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The Greatest Hip-Hop Tours in History

Keeping the crowd rocking for month-long stints is nothing new for the hip-hop stars from today and yesteryear. That’s the essence of a quintessential hip-hop tour. We’re sure Jay Z or Drake can both agree that it takes serious skill and a few surprise guests to assure your set will be remembered for years to come. That’s what makes the 10 following rap tours stand out the most when considering the greatest shows of all time.

Every generation of rappers from the late ‘80s to 2014 had those star players that only put on the illest shows. It may not be surprising that Hov rocked the mic for three of the featured tours on this list — and is doing it again with the wifey, Beyoncé, on their current On The Run Tour — but keep reading to see the other emcees that had a impressive run on the road.

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