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A History of the Greatest TV Dads

There’s no better day than Father’s Day to realize that no two dads are alike. Some can be funny, while others are pretty embarrassing, and a special few can just be downright dysfunctional — at least the ones we’ve seen on television. To be fair, though, we’ll give credit where it’s due to the dads on TV that held down their fictional households for multiple seasons, all while keeping us entertained in real life. For every time Uncle Phil had to throw Jazz out the front door or Carl Winslow had to deal with the snorts and stalking of Steve Urkel, we salute them along with a few more of our favorite patriarchs on the small screen. No worries, though. You don’t need the premium channels to see why these 10 dudes are at the top of the TV Guide when it comes to laying down the rules.

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