Get Your Art Into A European Gallery With a Hashtag

Green Label Gallery is returning to Amsterdam! The gallery experience will be coinciding with the DEW TOUR AM Series.

This year’s Green Label Gallery exhibit will take a look at typography as an art form and will be curated by illustrator and designer Vonik. She will be assisted by Chaotic Bastards, Lienke Raben, and Jawgem. The creative quartet will collect work submitted via Twitter and Instagram from all over the world using the #GreenLabelGallery and #PiecesOfMind hashtags. Afterwards, Vonik and her team of creatives will sift through submissions and use them to create a larger piece at Amsterdam’s Vault 17, where the exhibition will be based.

You’ll be able to get a glimpse of the work being submitted and the overall process of bringing everything together by checking out the Green Label Gallery page from August 28-30. If you happen to be in Amsterdam for the Dew Tour Am series then you can just swing by Vault 17 to catch the action live and direct.

Submissions using #GreenLabelGallery + #PiecesOfMind start August 10 and we’ll be covering the best submissions on

Find out how to submit your work by heading over to the Green Label Gallery page.


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