#GreenLabelGallery Winner Lot Madeleine Gives Us Her #PiecesOfMind

#GreenLabelGallery Amsterdam has come to a close, and the exhibit’s curators have selected an artist that has truly represented: Lot Madeleine, of Amsterdam, is a “visual writer” who lets her conscious stream directly onto whichever surface she sees fit. Using words as her medium, Madeleine applies her #PiecesofMind to mirrors, bottles, sneakers, and moreall have the potential to become her canvas.

To get to know Lot Madeleine a bit better, we conducted a short interview, where she clues us in on her process and #PiecesofMind.

Most artists work with images. Why were you attracted to letters?
About seven years ago, when I was in art school, I had to draw stills. I couldn’t draw so instead of drawing an actual table, I just wrote a lot of words that formed a table. First it was the solution to me not being an illustrator, but then I discovered all the different types of typography and was drawn to it. I started developing a handwriting. At a certain point, my handwriting in combination with my own quotes became more of a signature.

What’s the most important thing to remember when creating a new letter design?
I don’t create new letter designs; I always try to find a way to use my own handwriting in a different form. The only way to really make “new” designs is to use different materials, from a feather of a dove to different brushes, Poscas… But also a variation from ink to acrylics. And different bases, like wood, cardboard, glass etc.

When in your studio or creative space, what are some of the tools you cannot be without in order to execute to your best ability?
A simple Paper Mate marker.

If you’ve ever been mentored, what was one thing that was instilled in you that you would pass on to an emerging artist?
Always stick to your own style. My internship was at Parra, and he told me, “Whatever you’re going to do, stick to your style.”

How have you used the internet or social media to advance your career, and what have been some of the outcomes?
I like to use Instagram, although I don’t know what the best way is to use it. People contact me to send posters or stickers, and I have sold some t-shirts to people who came across a picture online.

Last of all, can you give us a piece of your mind?
If money is the motivation, creativity pays the price.

To check out how everything went down out in Amsterdam at the #PiecesofMind show, head over to Youtube to check out the time-lapse video.

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