The Green Label Shop, Outfit #1: Valentine’s Day Hack

Valentine’s Day is here and chances are you have a date or at least an awkward hook-up. Thanks to the Green Label Shop, which features exclusive apparel and gear, and a few of the best brands, we’ve put together our picks to ensure you’re equipped to handle any amorous situations without looking like you’re trying way too hard. You’re welcome.

Believe it or not, an eccentric accessory is a great way to break the ice on a date because it’ll give you both something to talk about. The Kevin Lyons Girl and Green Label collaboration hat is the perfect piece thanks to the cartoon graphics on the simple camper-style hat. It also protects you from a bad hair day or a botched hair cut, just in case you can’t get in to see your regular barber. Pro tip: if the girl ends up stealing your hat, it means she likes you.

While the frayed, destroyed denim look is popular now, these Levis Made and Crafted slim-fit jeans are much safer bet for a first date or night out with your main thing. They have a washed, worn-in look that will only get better looking with age.

Sweaters are a great date night choice because they’re comfortable but also a style step above wearing a long sleeve tee. Look for a crewneck cut to keep it casual but clean, like this J. Crew sweater in heather sky. The cashmere and cotton fabric means it’s soft for her to cozy up to, but still breathable so she won’t see you sweat.

When it comes to sneakers, all-white is just right for almost any occasion. To elevate the monotone, try a classic silhouette in rich textile, like this Vans Premium Leather Old Skool pair. It’s your favorite skate shoe, grown up and dressed to impress.

Finally, no matter where you’re going out on Valentine’s Day, you need a jacket to finish your off your look. This Altamot Defector jacket has simple but stylish details like all-over quilting and a collar, and is in the highly seasonal color of burgundy.

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