Here’s that hand-painted Mark Gonzalez deck you didn’t know you wanted until now

Canadian artist and skateboarder Mark Carroll hand-painted a Legends of Skateboarding deck series that will have any skater over the age of 30 (also known as Alex Olson’s fan base) foaming at the mouth. So get ready to hear the full-padded “rad dads” sitting next to the bowl at your local skatepark go on and on about the legends of their era. Expect lines like, “Why is Jeff Hedges on there? Where is Tony Hawk? What about Tommy Guerrero?” Carroll’s series includes boards depicting Mark Gonzales, SALBA, Natas Kaupas, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Hedges, Duane Peters, Jay Adams, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Mike Vallely, and Steve Caballero. According to Carroll’s site, he is also willing to make custom graphics and is down to sell his existing ones. Let the bidding war commence!

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