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If You're Reading This, It's Getting Late: 11 Hip-Hop Bedtime Stories.

Ayo whattup you now in the presence of the mighty Hands of Zeus aka the world famous Big Ghost namsayin. Welcome. On the real...sometimes I feel sorry for these future generations b. Jus cuz all the regular things they missin out on. Puttin em in front of a TV n givin em a box of cereal to snack on aint all it is to parenting b. But kids man..they jus wanna play they little Grand Theft Auto n listen to Chief Keef music for the lyrical content these days b. Its hard to get em to wanna read books. So basically some these stories had to get tweaked cuz aint nobody tryna hear bout Rapunzel throwin her hair off a balcony for some dude to climb up or ... But we done flipped these dusty old tales n gave em some new life b. Now they lit. Forreal. Peep these joints...

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