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I was tasked with designing the cover to Rian Johnson’s Looper. I say "tasked" because Looper is easily one of my favorite contemporary sci-fi films, and coming up with great packaging for it was very important.

I sent a few early cover ideas to the film’s composer, Nathan Johnson, who wasn’t terribly fond of what I’d come up with at that point—mostly cliché time-travel gags, nothing terribly interesting thematically. After a few brainstorming sessions I got the idea to recreate a prop from the film. In the story, time travelers arrive at a destination in the past with silver or gold currency strapped to their bodies. A waiting assassin then dispatches them and collects the money. When the main character, Joe, arrives he quickly turns around and deflects the attack with the gold bars strapped to his back. My cover is a screen-accurate reproduction of that pivotal moment in the film.

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