Check “Shadow,” the Haunting New Installation From Former Street Artist Ian Strange

Ian Strange, formerly Kid Zoom, has a new show. The New York based Australian artist has created a new body of work, called Shadow, that is now available for viewing in his hometown of Perth, Australia.

Shadow is part of FORM’s PUBLIC 2015 program, a not for profit cultural organization that seeks to help communities use art and creativity as a means of growing, understanding, and empathizing with each other in order to bolster said communities. The projects created through the PUBLIC initiative encourage discourse through art that aim to result in beneficial change to Australian communities.

This ties in with the ethos of Strange’s previous installations. Projects like his Suburban exhibition and Final Act were instances where he chose a similar motif to speak on the displacement of suburban communities due to natural disasters. With this new body of work Strange hopes to, “create a body of work that transforms the Australian suburban home to unmask its darker underbelly.”

Much like his previous pieces, Shadow will continue his exploration of the home as both a social and psychological construct. In addition Strange taps into other themes, like disenfranchisement within the built environment.

Strange’s research on suburban life has taken him across the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. For Shadow he has returned to his hometown of Perth (one of the most isolated cities in the world) and will connect his suburban upbringing to the project.

Shadow is being lauded as his most significant work to date and will be his first major work in his own state.

Ian Strange’s Shadow can be seen at 381 Murray Street in Perth. More information on the show, and more details on PUBLIC 2015, can be found here. Follow Ian’s Instagram account to see behind-the-scenes content.

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