Is That Your Woe’s Song or Your Foe’s Song? Drake, DRAM, Meek Mill, and Who Claims Ownership

A shaky video recently surfaced with some interesting audio playing in the background. In what may have been a studio session, someone shared a clip where Meek Mill was freestyling over Drake’s “Back 2 Back.” Yes, you read that correctly. This comes at an interesting time, considering all of the hoopla surrounding Drake’s releasing his video for “Hotline Bling,” the number-one track on the Billboard charts which is really just his remix of lesser-known Virginia artist D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha.”

Earlier this year Drake was embroiled in controversy over the fact that he has assistance when penning his chart-topping verses—a claim made by a foe who was once his woe, in an effort to topple his ivory tower. It didn’t work; instead Drake emerged victorious from the fray, showing his ability to mobilize the culture as well as craft amazing music.

It truly is a peculiar situation in a field of battle whose foundations are authenticity and originality–but also increasingly reliant on performance. While discussing the topic over lunch with some of the guys from Pigeons & Planes and Complex, we deduced that they’re murky waters at best because sometimes it takes the right personality, character, and delivery to make a song really pop.

These days in rap, we’re learning that it’s more about who does it best.

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