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10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Go On A Road Trip

Tired of your monotonous schedule where the greatest distance you travel is between your job that you probably don’t even like that much and your couch? Well, maybe it’s time for you to mix things up a bit, grab a few of your closest friends, pile into a car, and take advantage of the United States’ expansive road system (thanks, Eisenhower).

I’ve spent my fair share of time on the road, partly for leisure, partly for necessity. The most recent was a trip for Live Fast Mag up the California coast from Los Angeles, through Big Sur, and up to San Francisco with a car full of five awesome/beautiful ladies (the photos from which are accompanying this post). So with the flavor of adventure still lingering on my taste buds, I felt now was a good time to convince you to do the same. Below you will see my 10 reasons why you should hit the road.

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