Long-awaited Plan B video has a new teaser with PJ Ladd reminding you that the video is still a long way away

Ever since Danny Way and Colin McKay relaunched Plan B in 2005, skate fans have been eagerly waiting for the company to put out a video. In the 1990s, the company put out titles such as Questionable and Virtual Reality featuring the likes of Way, McKay, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, and others. So the bar has been set pretty high, which is perhaps why it has taken eight years for Plan B to put out its next video. Well, if this new teaser from PJ Ladd is any indication, the video should be worth the wait. Sporting the shoes of his new sponsor, New Balance, the technical wizard casts his spell on a really long line in China. But the most important part of the video is that it includes a release date. Sure it’s only the year 2013, but after this long, that’s something.

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