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The Come Up, "Strip Show" feat. Mac Miller

I usually do work I like the most when I’m working with people I’m friends with. They had this project, with this song on it, and I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. I has this energy that I really loved; it felt like I could paint a picture to it in a way that would be really interesting. The inspiration for the video, which sounds very odd, is Tom Cruise’s movie, Risky Business. In that movie, there’s this scene that’s incredibly dreamlike and very atmospheric, where I believe he’s dreaming about the woman he spent the night with. I don’t know why that inspired “Strip Show,” but I just remember thinking that I wanted to pull from that scene. There’s something really graceful about the coloring and the cutting of this video, even though it’s just a woman dancing on a pole. I don’t watch my videos all that often, but this is one where if someone puts it on, I’ll be like, “This is really beautiful,” but it didn’t have to be given the subject matter.

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