Meet The Curator of “The Camo Collective”: Green Label’s ULTIMATE Tribute to Camo at COMPLEXCON

As you may or may not know by now, Green Label is coming to ComplexCon!!

We’re going to be rocking the Long Beach Convention Center with The Camo Collective, a multi-media, all-immersive, walk-through art, music, style, and tech experience dedicated to camouflage, in partnership with youth culture firebrands VFILES.

The gallery portion of the event has been curated by Jules Gayton, a senior designer at Herschel Supply Company who has also worked on brands like Stussy, Supreme, and his own brand, Leilow. Jules transitioned into product design after working full-time as a DJ for 15 years. He trained at the Parsons School of Design. The pieces on exhibit were selected to demonstrate the evolution of camouflage from its original function for concealment to a tool of creative expression and style.

Stay tuned to Green Label for a week of camo-fied stories and videos, and grab your tickets for ComplexCon, on November 5-6 in Long Beach, California, here.

Introduce yourself in 140 characters or less.

My name is Jules Gayton. Born in London, Schooled in New York, Blessed to have lived in Hawaii for 10 years, now I reside in LA. I have worked in a variety of fields but always in some creative form, from a DJ to Brand owner-Designer, now Product Designer at Herschel Supply co.

What does camo mean to you?

Camo can be many things, but basically camo is a way to conceal or blend into your surroundings—the opposite of our present society, where people are sharing and showing all aspects of their lives!

What camo do you own?

I have a pretty vast collection of vintage military clothing, including lots of different versions of camouflage.

For people coming to visit The Camo Collective, what can they expect from you?

I was the curator of The Camo Collective, so from my perspective people can expect a wide range of takes on camouflage from the traditional to the unexpected.

What type of camouflage animal would you be? Why?

I wanna be me! My own kind of animal! Hahahaha!

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