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Modern Marvels: 10 New Comic Book Franchises Worth Checking Out

Most of our favorite comic book series have been ongoing for years now, in some cases decades. Not that we’re complaining in the least bit, but it’s never a bad thing to focus your eyes on something different for a change. Thankfully, a host of new franchises have impacted the comic book community in the past five years alone, introducing a sea of fresh characters and detailed universes. The thought of choosing a place to start was a bit overwhelming, so we turned to the best place we could think of: the comic book shop.

Heading over to Midtown Comics on Lexington Avenue in NYC, we spoke with a few of our helpful comic bros behind the counter to get a look at the 10 new series you guys should be looking to subscribe to. We got pretty hooked on a few of these just by putting this list together, so we already know you guys will find a good read by the time you finish clicking through.

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