In Dew’s New VR Experience, a Bold and Unexpected Twist On Your Everyday Party…

Following virtual reality outings including skateboarding with the Mountain Dew team riders  in Las Vegas or epic back-country snowboarding with Danny Davis, Mountain Dew is bringing us to a party that’s been taken to “new heights” in DEW® VR “Beat Drop.”

DEW® VR “Beat Drop” opens in the environment of a sophisticated party, full of people dancing and having a good time. As you explore the space you’ll soon find this is a party with a bold new concept (hint: making an “Irish exit” here might involve a parachute).

DEW® VR “Beat Drop” works with your VR headset and can be viewed here. Or, you can view DEW® VR “Beat Drop” as a 360 Video on YouTube and Facebook.

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