Larry Clark Celebrates His New Film With Skate Shoe Release

Larry Clark and Eugène Riconneaus have teamed up on a collaborative art project, New Work. They have also designed a skate shoe.

Clark, of course, is known for directing Kids; he also has a brand-new film called The Smell of Us. Filmed in Paris, many are billing it as “the French kids.”

Extending the French influence, Clark has partnered with French shoe designer and artist Riconneaus on New Work, a project that reimagines Clark’s most legendary pictures.

The series features Clark’s shots, [tampered–combined??] with images from Riconneaus’ own photographic project, Young Users 2000.

According to a press release, “The result is an artistic encounter that explores a new esoteric, erotic, and forbidden dimension of adolescence.”

Young Users 2000 is a soon-to-be-released series consisting of photographs taken over a six year period and documents the marks left by skateboards on the grounds of the Parisian art center, Le Palais de Tokyo.

This marks Clark’s first venture into footwear.

The limited edition kicks will be produced by Ricconneaus under the brand ER Souliers de Skate. The press release explains that the duo drew inspiration from “underground culture while living a vision of eternal adolescence.”

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