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2. Interaction

More so than ever before, music fans have access to their idols. Fans can reach artists directly on Twitter, see the world through their eyes on Instagram, and remain updated on news and events on Facebook.

Now, artists can do their own promotion on social media, whether it’s announcing new projects, shooting the breeze with fans, or even soliciting more followers by offering new music as a reward. The amount of interaction fans have with their idols is unprecedented, and it can only lead to bigger opportunities for artists, no matter how locally or internationally renowned. One example of promoting through interaction came from Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli’s Twitter just weeks ago when he offered a pair of headphones to one lucky fan who decided to retweet his message.

An underrated aspect of this interactivity is the exclusivity it brings to digital products. In the days when physical media like CDs and cassette tapes were king, it was simple to release a special edition of a product that only 100 or so could own. Now, with everyone having the same digital copy of a release, it isn’t so simple. But consider once more Jay Z’s #NewRules hashtag. Now, the exclusivity fans crave comes from a new source: the opportunity to be able to say, “I was there when the latest and greatest music release of the year dropped.” This is especially true of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, which allow fans to get exclusive unreleased music and making-of content unavailable elsewhere.

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