Nintendo Music Slowed Down By 800%: Surprisingly Good

What’s it like waking up to the angelic stupor of your favorite video game music being slowed down 800%? It’s almost too perfect for this world.

YouTuber littlescale slowed down OG Nintendo/Sega classics like Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Marble Zone,” as well as Donkey Kong’s “Aquatic Ambiance,” to render childhood distractions into perfect study music.This is all possible by using a piece of software called Paulstretch (as Littlescale points out in the comment section of the Donkey Kong audio).

Next stop? Maybe a Houston trip with DJ Screw (chopped and screwed) or a hyphy hiatus in the Bay for Sonic and friends. Would love to hear what both sound like, actually.

Image: Wikia

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