How Dillon Markey Revolutionized Stop-Motion With 1989’s Nintendo Power Glove

Animator Dillon Markey doesn't care that the Nintendo Power Glove was deemed a critical and commercial failure after its release in 1989. He was a fan then and a bigger fan now that he’s hacked the gaming apparatus to revolutionize the way he shoots stop-motion animation.

Markey is a seasoned pro when it comes to stop-motion; he's worked on everything from Oscar-nominated Fresh Guacamole to Robot Chicken. In a new mini-documentary Playing with Power he showcases the ingenious way he gave new life to Nintendo's long-forgotten accessory.

After teaming up with a technical engineer, Dillon's Power Glove can interact with his stop-motion software via Bluetooth. This enables him to have his hands free while still being able to control takes and camera angles.

He admits that some people make fun of it, but Dillon's stop-motion Power Glove isn't just some hokey gimmick—he's been using it for over a year.

Playing with Power is a documentary worth checking out.


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