Now Danny Davis’s Frendly Gathering Has Its Own Web Series

Life’s been a road much traveled for professional snowboarders and “frends” Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis. Even in the heat of competition, when the goal is to best one another, the camaraderie is real.

Back in 2010, they along with a few others started “The Frendly Gathering,” which brought a community of people together for “camping, inspiration and a big dose of frendship.” Soon it was an annual thing, a low-key music festival with a camping-trip vibe. Its purpose, however, remains unchanged as a way to promote friendship and foster a community.

Never ones for exclusivity, the duo has always dreamt of sharing their passion project with the rest of the world. Now they are, with their very-first video project, Following Frendly Powered by Skype. It’s a seven-episode web-series that takes us behind the scenes of the duo’s lives as professional snowboarders while they also try to balance putting together an annual music festival for the people to enjoy.

The series starts at Burton US Open, and somewhere along the way they purchase and strip away the inside of an Airstream and replace it with a full recording studio, the goal being to give undiscovered musicians a platform to share their stories and music with the rest of the world.

You can keep up with the boys and show your support by tuning into every Tuesday through 7/7, or march with them to Vermont for Frendly Gathering which takes place June 26-27.

Watch the first episode here.

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