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2008: Kern Tees

Mikhail: Richard Kern is one of my favorite filmmakers and I think he’s a great photographer. I thought it would be cool to work with him.

Greg: You were also surprised that nobody had ever done anything with him before. He had done some stuff with Hysteric Glamour, but he hadn’t really done anything with anybody before.

Mikhail: I just hit him up. Granted, he’s pretty big right now, but at this point in time, he hadn’t really hit his resurgence yet, which Vice helped create. To me, he was just this dude that I idolized in high school and college, so I sent him an email, and he was like, “Yeah, sounds cool to me. Want to come by my house and studio, and pick out what you want?” He was one of the easiest people to work with. One of the things I remember from the experience, besides working with an idol of mine, was that it killed a possible “Ducktails Disney” collaboration. [Laughs]

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