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2013: SF Opens

Greg: SF was an interesting one. It was opened by one of my best friends, Chris Brennan. He wanted to open a Mishka store for years, and I had been trying to talk him out of it. For one thing, he didn’t want to open up on Haight Street, and we learned from the Echo Park location that when you open up a store in a secondary market from where you’re from, you need to open it in an established retail environment, no matter how you feel about it. He was saying, “The Haight isn’t cool. The Mission is cool,” and that’s like what we heard with L.A. “Oh, Echo Park is cool. Hollywood is whack,” but we finally opened it up. It’s been going well. I’m happy with it. It has added another store to our arsenal, and it’s helping to take us to the next level.

Mikhail: Chris had been a friend of the brand for a long time, and even though I tried to dissuade him plenty of times from opening the store, he really wanted to do it, so, he put together a plan and we couldn’t stop him. Truthfully, he’s probably one of the best people to be doing something like that, and he’s helped us to expand even more into the market out west. It’s a great little shop in a really cool area out there.

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