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Ender's Game

The movie Ender’s Game was based on a bestselling novel, and tells the story of a highly intelligent boy named Ender who is recruited by the military to be trained to become a commander to lead their Earth’s forces against hostile alien attacks. During his training at Battle School, Ender excels in a variety of simulations that involve laser tag-type games in zero gravity and quickly masters each challenge. During downtime, Ender also plays a “mind game” computer program, using the battle strategies he honed through his training. Eventually, Ender participates in a final exam at school during which the students are presented with a simulation involving the planet of the alien race that previously attacked Earth. Ender and his peers engage in a battle using a new weapon to disintegrate the planet, and when they win the simulated battle, they are informed that it was actually real. With the destruction of the planet weighting on Ender’s conscience, he ends up finding one last egg from the alien species and departs into the galaxy to help rebuild their race.

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