Gesture Controlled Instruments Make All Your Air-Drumming Dreams Come True

This month, Dutch company OWOW launched their Kickstarter campaign for a new breed of pocket-sized MIDI controllers that allow you to create music with hand movements. Yes! That means air-drumming is officially possible.

OWOW offers five different MIDI controllers, each with its own unique function. The “Wob” lets you create and control sounds by moving your hand up and down; “Wiggle” enables you to shape your music by rotating your hand around all axes; “Drum” lets you drum or shake sounds in the air (this is the highly anticipated air-drumming controller); “Pads” is a super-tiny drum pad–about the size of a credit card–that has access to your whole drum bank; and “Scan” allows you to scan over a drawing and convert it into music, so it’s basically a magic wand. The controllers connect with any software on your computer or tablet, too, no extra drivers required.

As of now, the five MIDI controllers come in two versions: the DVC version has a high-end aluminum case while the CRD version is the bare circuit board of the DVC version. The purpose of the CRD version is to have a more affordable option without losing any quality. Also, if you purchase the CRD version you can 3D-print your casing on the OWOW website, or you can build one yourself.

OWOW’s instruments can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for €49 each ($55.10) for the CRD version, or €99 each ($111.32) for the DVC version.

The campaign is looking to reach its €50,000 target ($55, 568) by July 8. If they reach the €50,000 target, OWOW controllers should ship by February, 2016. Check out OWOW’s cool instrument overview below and support innovative musical technology.

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