Pac Man X-Ray Graffiti Print by Shok-1

The idea for Pacman came when its Japanese inventor was eating pizza—paku-paku means “munching,” in Japanese. Since that day in 1980, the innocent-looking yellow circle has chewed through billions of quarters and untold years of human lifetime. (The highest possible score, 3,333,360, was first achieved after six hours of continuous play.)

A hard-core gamer since Pacman’s glory days, UK graffiti veteran Shok-1 will release this limited edition print observing the link between the world’s favorite coin operated game and modern consumer culture. It’s based on an original artwork created in Germany earlier this year, which was featured on the front page of Reddit and received more than 200,000 likes on Instagram. Commemorating the occasion, Shok-1 estimated that, “I guess that's about 5-10 million views?” Showing that, although methods have changed, our talent for wasting time holds steady.

“The Consumer” goes on sale this Friday at

Images: Shok-1

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