Poster Child Prints releases new Michael C. Hsiung “Longboarders” illustration

The folks over at Poster Child Prints in Los Angeles have just put out a new limited edition illustration by artist Michael C. Hsiung titled "Longboarders." The run of hand-pulled, one color silkscreens on archival paper are 12 inches x 18 inches and are signed by Hsiung. Only 50 of the prints were produced and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. So when one of your ignorant friends asks you about the doodle with a bunch of dudes riding together on a skateboard, you can tell them it's a really real piece of Art, with a capital A, and then turn your nose up at him. If that isn't reason enough, the prints are only $65 and Hsiung might have one of the best artist bios ever on his website, where he describes himself as "one of the few remaining facially hairy Asians surviving today."

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