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The Green Label Rap Power Rankings, March 2015

Welcome to the third edition of the Green Label Rap Power Rankings!

As long as there’s been hip-hop, rappers have been trying to prove they’re the best, and in the same way ESPN keeps a running Power Rankings tracking, every month we’ll survey the hip-hop landscape and rank the ten artists making the most powerful moves. The first-place getter gets 10 points; the last-place getter gets only one. Frankly, our exact formula’s a secret—a complicated secret, and it has to be complicated. Sports is a pure numbers game, but music is about so much more.

February’s rankings showed just how can change in 30 days, and once again there was a near-seismic shift in March. We’re talking a brand new number-one rapper. Just goes to show: hip-hop never sleeps. You make new moves or you get left behind.

So who came out on top for March? Come find out…

Images: @psimdope

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