Quartersnacks Honors the Courthouse Drop in “Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit”

The Courthouse Drop is not only one of the most challenging skate spots of all time, but because of its frequent appearances in countless skate videos and magazines, it’s also considered the most commonly filmed and photographed gap spot in New York skateboarding history.

It’s a five-foot drop into a bank, over a kink, and down another six feet with a ledge in the middle. It’s located in Manhattan’s Financial District, on Centre Street and Worth Street.

It’s also part of a courthouse facade that’s seen on every episode of Law & Order.

Combining the show’s intro music with a mix of skateboarding (and scootering) footage from the iconic drop, the dudes at Quartersnacks put together an edit themed around the legal drama. It also pulls old-school images from police cars and crime scenes. The three-minute clip is cleverly titled “Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unit.

Some video commentary notes:

“In the criminal justice system, Court House-based tricks are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated skateboarders who skateboard this vicious skate spot are members of an elite squad known as the Quartersnacks Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.”

The spot was put out of commission a couple years ago, when barricades were set up at its landing site. Still, many have braved the legendary spot, including names like Kevin Hayden and Casey Rigney.

Check out Law & Order: Skateboard Victims Unitabove.


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