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RAC’s Most Notable Music Ventures

The current incarnation of Remix Artist Collective—because there’s been several in the past—is an indie-electronic solo project of Portugal-transplant André Allen Anjos, whose prowess as a DJ and mixer predates a recent acclimation towards original songwriting but never overshadows it.

Anjos has been doing interpretative remixes of songs by Tokyo Police Club, Kings of Leon, Two Door Cinema Club, and a plethora of other indie names for the past eight years or so, but he most recently dropped the two-part, full-length debut Strangers, which features a combination of both original material and remixes.

Whether it’s by his synth-laced Blade Runner-esque soundtracks from the early days, the rolling plinks of his video game-inspired tracks, the bubbly beats of dance remixes, or the fulfillment of his love for live instrumentation on pop tracks like “Hollywood,” RAC founder and frontrunner Anjos rarely fails to stimulate new receptors in the brain as he amasses a catalog as deep as it is sonically accessible. Here we’ve aggregated RAC’s Most Notable ventures in the industry, in turn relating the story of Anjos’ quiet revolution.

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