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Ralphy Ramos Rides His Bike In Israel

"Israel has been on the top of my list for a long time. Me and my brother, Nigel Sylvester, decided to take a trip out there to ride our bikes and film a video project for G-Shock.

For the first few days we pedaled around the city looking for spots to film, and just getting to know the area. We met up with local riders that showed us around and helped with translating the language and direction. John Hicks, Hawaii Mike and Robin Pearson were also part of our crew and helped make everything happen. The daily routine was simple: leave the apartment by 10am and cover as much ground as possible. The architecture of this city has a lot to offer for what we do, from dope hand rail spots and gaps to ledges and really weird setups that we thought were cool to ride. The weather was perfect, so we filmed a bunch of stuff and shot photos for Ride UK BMX Magazine.

The food was also pretty good. I had the best avocado extra chicken sandwich with the bangin sauce, and the pizza was really good too. Traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was my favorite part, especially driving through the different neighborhoods. Experiencing life outside of the city where it's more real made things a little more serious. We knew it was the real deal but we still took the chance to complete the mission. Hawaii Mike was the captain and got everyone out to the Dead Sea safe. The trip went well, our video got done, and we ultimately survived. Nigel and I ended up staying two extra days just for fun. This might've been the first time we went somewhere and had a great time without partying.

Israel was an amazing experience. It's a beautiful place and the people were very nice to us. We got to explore and learn a lot about the history and culture."

— Ralphy Ramos, Pro BMX rider

Images: Robin Pearson

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