Chillin’ With Russell Westbrook at Home for Kickstart

Recently it was announced that Russell Westbrook has signed with DEW to be the face of Kickstart, and we’ve got inside access to their first video collaboration (obviously).

Westbrook, as fans of his may know, has become almost as well known for his style choices as he is for his ability to block shots. A snap poll from the person sitting next to me (a guy from Oklahoma City), and his buddies via group-message, confirmed that Russell Westbrook is known for his swaggy style and assertiveness on the court. There are countless memes featuring the basketball player, often comparing him to Steve Urkel because of his preppy, colorful wardrobe and his preference for large thick-rimmed glasses.

We’re happy to have him on board with DEW repping for Kickstart. Maybe he’ll inspire us writers at Green Label to amp up our fashion game a little bit?

Welcome to the Mountain Dew family Russell! …Please help me dress better.

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