Scotty Lago and Trevor Colden in Skate vs Snow Showdown

Practice makes perfect and in this instance we get to join two members of the DEW team as they take some time to engage in some friendly competition.

Scotty Lago and Trevor Colden, the newest member of the Dew Skate Team, have taken the game of H.O.R.S.E. to new heights in this “Skate vs Snow” showdown in an ad for Verizon.

Using some crafty video calling, Scotty and Trevor were able to go head to head from the slopes and skate park to see who really did it best in this action-packed video.

They did everything from boardslides to smith grinds, melon grabs, and even hit a back disaster on the “potato chip” coping. The video takes a funny turn when Scotty catches some “big air” to try and win it all. From the look of things, Trevor may have thought Scotty ran into some wildlife on the mountain and actually heard him say, “big bear.”

Both of the guys must be getting ready for the bigger competitions coming up this summer. If you haven’t heard, DEW Tour will begin in June and will be making stops in Chicago, LA, and Breckenridge. We can see why Scotty and Trevor took some time out of their schedules to see what the other may have been cooking up.

To see more of what Trevor is up to this year, head over to the Dew Tour site to check out his second episode of Dew Tour Push, presented by the Berrics.

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