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10. Asaad

My story with Asaad is great. He has actually been a big influence, along with another artist, Theodore Grams, that I have been working with for years.

On any random day throughout the year I’ll go out with Grams and Asaad to shoot. This one day Asaad wanted to shoot real bad; he had just got back from tour with Ab-Soul, so I hadn’t seen him for a while, so I was definitely down to link back up. I came through his crib and we relaxed a bit and talked a little about what we wanted to shoot.

I have a lot of favorite photos from this shoot, but this photo of him reaching down to grab the dandelion has so much significance—more than anyone besides him and I and probably a couple other people could fully understand given the location of the shoot, clothing, and the significance of flowers to Asaad.

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