Snik Print Release, “Souls Apart”

There’s stencil art, and there’s Snik. The UK-based art duo take the cut-and-spray game to new levels with their insanely detailed, multi-layer masterpieces, which look just as good on canvas as they do on concrete.

The pair have scored a following in the art world since their first solo show in 2011, blowing up galleries and alleyways worldwide with unforgettable pieces like “Inertia creeps” and “All we are is falling.”

Snik’s boundary-pushing style is on full display in their new print, “Souls Apart,” which draws on some seriously old school inspiration. “We take a lot of our influence from classical art these days,” one of the duo told me on Facebook chat. “The heavy shadow effect, the rich fabric textures; all  of these are inspired from works created hundreds of years ago.” Collectors are already drooling for these new screen prints, which come in a selection of colors. Snik’s “Souls Apart” prints dropped yesterday on, so be ready to grab your own.

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