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Sole Sculptures: 10 of the Raddest Works of Art Made From Sneakers

When buying a new pair of kicks, sneakerheads usually look for something to make them stand out, something that reflects their individuality, or that they know will be a huge deal in the scene. That is why this collection of sneaker sculptures may make them gasp when they see what has been done to their favorite styles. Die-hard sneakerheads, avert your eyes since these 10 works of art have been made by artists who have literally ripped your favorite kicks apart at the seams to make a new creation. For everyone else who isn’t quite as sensitive to the dismantling of sneakers, you’ll see some amazing creativity from artists who have found new ways to use laces, soles, mesh and other elements to create rad sculptures. Take a look at some of the most amazing works of art made from sneakers.

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