Someone needs to give Killer Mike his own show right now

Pitchfork grabbed El-P and Killer Mike for the latest episode of their show Over / Under, where guests weigh in on whether certain things are over- or underrated. The duo discussed Hullk Hogan, God, fatherhood, camping, and Moose (El-P’s dog). Killer Mike pretty much stole the show with his hilariously unfiltered thoughts about it all. Here are the 7 best things that Killer Mike had to say:

1. “Fuck Hulk Hogan. All that bullshit he fed us in the 80’s. He’s pure Republican.”


2. “You know who I like? Ric Flair. Because he endorsed women, drugs, Mercedes Benz, fur coats in the summer, and shades like the one El is wearing.”


3. “Why does every religion lead to men wearing dresses? Every religion, the top guy ends up in a funny fucking hat and a dress.”


4. “Being a dad is underappreciated because it would be nice to get shit on your birthday that you like. Like marijuana or Playboy magazines or naked pictures of your auntie.”


5. “What’s up with the socks? At least get me cool socks, some Crooks & Castles socks. Stop getting me the shit that you got at the Marshalls with your mommy while she was getting me this bullshit shirt.”


6. “Just go fishing and go home.”


7. “Look at Moose, she’s wiping you off her. Or inviting you to hit it from the back.”

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