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NBA Sound
rap nerds

Are You A True Rap Nerd? Take The Green Label Rap Nerd Quiz, #4

Wed, 11.25.15 at 11:53am

The hardest rap nerd quiz on the Internet.

dc talk

A Look Back At 6 of The Most… Unusual… Videos In Rap

Tue, 11.24.15 at 7:29pm

Featuring puppet rats, red sequined suits, and flutes.

Sound Tech
rappers who are going to blow up

Ever Wonder What Listeners Think of Your Music? Audiokite Gives You Answers

Mon, 11.23.15 at 3:56pm

You give them your music, Audiokite gives you quantified listener reactions.

kardinall offishall

Legendary Hip-Hop Artist Kardinal Offishall Came Up Between Two Rap Eras

Wed, 11.18.15 at 8:47pm

"Right now, the culture is letting the Internet raise us"

kanye wet

Kanye’s 6-Step Program To Becoming God-Like & Successful

Wed, 11.18.15 at 1:49pm

Wallflowers will be stepped on and passive mouths will be wired shut. Despite this, I want you to succeed. Kanye is living proof.