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yung jake

How Yung Jake Made That Flawless Snapchat Music Video

Fri, 10.09.15 at 5:43pm

A word from cinematographer Ethan Palmer on working with Yung Jake to make his cutting-edge Snapchat music video.

Sound Tech

Here’s a Playlist of Every Song You Used as Your Ringtone as a Kid

Fri, 10.09.15 at 4:39pm

It's all fun and games until you get a detention for your "Candy Shop" ringtone.

super duper

Crew Cuts: Team Bonding with Super Duper

Wed, 10.07.15 at 9:07am

Here's why KYLE and the Super Duper crew are killing it.

6 god rises

These Are The OVO Commandments, According to That “The FADER” Profile

Mon, 10.05.15 at 7:53pm

Behold, the grounding principles by which the 6 God rules his OVO regime.


This is The Scariest Song in Rap

Mon, 10.05.15 at 3:17pm

Hint: it's about us.