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Southern Playalistic Style: 20 Defining Moments And Facts About Outkast

When news started circulating late last year that Outkast — one of the biggest rap groups to touch the mic — would be reuniting this year after an almost eight-year hiatus, fans and music critics lit up with excitement. For a group that’s been on top of the game for the better half of two decades, their break from the booth left us on the edge of a huge hip-hop cliffhanger. Even with guest verses from André 3000 here and there, or the two impressive solo efforts Big Boi put out, we’ve really missed hearing these guys as a team. That’s why 2014 will be a groundbreaking year for music — which also coincides with the duo’s 20-year anniversary since dropping their debut LP, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

However, times have definitely changed since their last album, Idlewild, dropped in 2006. There’s even a strong possibility that a good portion of millennials have little to no information on who Outkast is (don’t correct the grammar; it’s actually spelt with a “k”). If you fall in the latter category, don’t worry. Check out these 20 things that’ll make you understand why Outkast headlining Coachella is a pretty big deal. We even threw in some little known facts that even ATLiens will appreciate.

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