The 30th anniversary G-Shock collaboration with Supra will test your knowledge of military time

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, G-Shock has created a special “It’s About Time”-themed watch and sneaker with Supra. Both the watch and the sneaker will test your knowledge of military time. The tongue of the Supra Vaider Lites and the back of the G-Shock each feature a graphic of a clock that is set to 8:13 p.m., which equals 20:13 in military time, since 2013 is the year of the anniversary. Skateboarders Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, and Stevie Williams made this video for the collaboration. After getting a text from Williams at 5:34 p.m. (17:34 military time if you’re keeping track), Dadd and Johnson spend the next three hours weaving their way through the streets of Los Angeles on their skateboards to get the Supra sneakers to a party by 20:13. Williams is in charge of delivering the watch and takes the easy route to the party, driving himself there in a Porsche.

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